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Welcome to ’The Diabetic Doc’ :

NCDs or Non-communicable diseases are not just rising anymore but are comprising of much more mortality now than before. In India, it is about 60% of all the deaths. Sustainable Development Goals or SDG 3.4 has been dedicated to reducing 25% of the mortality from 4 major NCDs, including Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases and Chronic Lung Diseases.

In view of the above, ‘The Diabetic Doc’ aims to focus beyond Diabetes and cover as much spectrum of NCDs as possible. Keeping in mind that once a person gets diagnosed with one chronic disease, they often become vulnerable for few more, this platform will be a holistic approach towards tackling the multitude of problems that a ‘chronic illness survivor’ faces in life. The Diabetic Doc being a patient as well as a doctor brings to the world a unique combined approach towards health from both the sides.